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Words  and flowers to restore the harmony in your emotions

Our health and well-being, our relation to others and our  perception of life are deeply related to our emotional state.

I offer Bach flower consultations in London  (NW6 West Hampstead). They are an ideal opportunity to express yourself, plot the current state of your emotional pattern and work through the issues which are concerning you.

It is a matter of not only listening to you but hearing you and finding the root cause of your current emotional state. This analysis is the basis to identifying and prescribing the flower remedy in resonance with your emotions.


I can offer you remedies in the following situations

Stress, feeling of being overburdened, of not being able to handle certain situations and events.

Calm, examining issues from different perspectives and tackling problems in their true dimensions.


Doubt, lack of self-confidence, difficulty in making choices.

Certainty of being able to bring difficulties under control, taking the most appropriate decision.


Phobias, anguish, fear of losing self- control

Control and surpassing your fears. Acting without being restricted by them.


Lack of interest or motivation, tiredness

 Energy to take control of your life, make plans, appreciate your environment.


Difficulty in communicating, feelings of loneliness, of not being understood

Comprehension of others and yourself, better communication, love and being loved.


Events such as loss of job, death of a parent, moving home, pregnancy, menopause or retirement may be difficult times where support is needed in order to adapt to the new situation.



  •  Consultation in London (In English or French)
  • £35.00 for the first consultation hour (£20 for any follow up consultation)
Consultations are  also possible in France (depending on my availability).


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