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My background

Since 1995, I have offered consultations in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as a professional practitioner.

In 1998 I further developed my practice, mostly centred on the difficulties of making choices, orientating oneself and /or making decisions. The use of Bach flowers remedies deals with the underlying emotional blockages.

Since 1999 I have been giving workshops on the topic « how to use Bach flowers » in order to make them simple to use in self prescription.

Recently settled in London, I now consults in English and French and leads workshops and week-end seminars based on the use of Bach flowers and the identification of emotional states.

Short history

Already in my youth, I started to be aware and concerned about what I would call today the -mal de vivre- “pain of living” , or the difficulty in facing the major events of life or daily experiences.

  • Why the pain, the sorrow, the misunderstandings?
  • How can we see, react and communicate in a better way?

These two main questions deeply influenced my educational and professional path towards personal development.

After starting my study in Primary school education, I turned to the area of specialized teaching. Working as an educator, I fostered teenagers with social and/or familial concerns for 15 years.

During this time and through my profession, I developed an interest for holistic medicine and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The Bach flower remedy, which I use today in my practice, is one answer to the question:

“How do I use my potential fully and transform my life”

My education

French National School for Teachers, studies in Psychology, Master in NLP, and… Bach flowers

And also,

Astrology, Qi Gong. I embrace alternative medicines and holistic approach of health and well-being.



NLP stands for for Neuro Linguistic Programming, an  approach to human communication and personal development. It offers skills in interpersonal communication  with the intention to build better relationships, establish a new level of confidence and fulfilment.


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